Who we are and what we stand for

As a community we want to be more, than each of us can be by him- or herself. We aim at treating each other in a non-judgmental, accepting manner, we aspire to enrich each other’s lives and to thrive together. Every person with his or her individual skills and strengths plays an important part in this and contributes to an atmosphere of mutual appreciation. We value our differences and meet them with kindness. We make decisions by consensus and if necessary, according to principles of grassroots democracy. Those decisions are made by the community as a whole and everyone’s opinions are respected and taken into account, in order to come to an agreement that best satisfies everyone’s interests. We respect different opinions and try to put them into action in accordance with the consensus. We appreciate each other and communicate with one another in a mindful, authentic and constructive manner.

The boundaries of every person are respected, and we are considerate towards each other.

The space which we create together is non-violent, non-discriminatory, non-dominant and full of respect. In our community we do not tolerate racism, sexism, classism, or any other form of discrimination (for example because of religion or age). We interact on equal terms in order to question hierarchies (for example regarding structure, knowledge etc.) and to break them down accordingly. We shape our environment together and thus create a free space which provides the basis for trying out new concepts, which allows us to test alternative ways of life. By doing this, we question societal norms and principles and think beyond existing models. In this respect, every person can practice his or her individual way of life according to personal preferences and is supported by the community in this

When we are in contact with people outside of our community, we stand behind our way of life. We are open-minded when interacting with other people and offer our communal space as a platform for interaction. If and how we can initiate or actively contribute to the creation of such a free space outside of our community, depends on our capacities, our individual situations and circumstances.

In this way we want to shape an alternative, community-based form of living and contribute to a general atmosphere of openness across society.