Experiencing togetherness, shaping the future

Farm project Arfrade

Association for the promotion of cultural events in rural areas, the promotion of multi-generational community building and the creation of spaces for individual freedom and personal development

We want to live community...

because together we can create something bigger.

Create free spaces...

and you decide how free space is defined.

Develop ideas...

because together we can create a new and better future.

This idea has emerged over time: We started out as a small rural-area house share and have today become a big, (co-living) community with a family-like atmosphere. House extensions and modifications, the realization of different projects, as well as the creation of spaces that provide freedom for self-expression laid the foundation for a shared living experience. Together, we want to build upon this existing foundation and would like to move beyond simply sharing accommodation.

We are really motivated to develop together, to think outside the box, to envision new ideas. And we dare to put them into action.

Together with you we want to create a space which offers opportunities ranging from personal development, to the collaborative realization of projects, from various cultural events to enjoying a cup of coffee in the sun, or mucking out the stable. We need you for this! Only together we can support and shape what is there already and what might evolve. Be curious and stop by. Come over for a visit and get to know us, we are looking forward to experiencing more with you!

Who we are and what is our intention.

The association offers you the possibility to be part of a bigger community. It provides the logistical and spatial infrastructure for our and your creative ideas. You can get involved in collaborative projects which already exist or use the association as a platform to bring your own ideas to life.

On our premises, there is a trailer, which we offer as a dorm room. In front of the trailer there is also a big veranda for hanging out and furthermore there is our Country Garden for joint vegetable growing. In addition, there is a sauna to relax, our workshop where you can freely express your creativity and a club room, which can be used for events and as a co-working space.

 On Sundays, the association runs a Farm Café. This offers an opportunity to participate in a joint activity, to socialise with friends and neighbours and to exchange ideas.

Moreover, we – and hopefully you will join us in the future – organize events on a regular basis. From lectures and workshops, to joint building projects or a flea market: A lot is possible and there are no limits to your creativity. Besides, our Farm Party is a major event that we organize every year.

With a minimum contribution of 3 euros per month you can participate in all this in different ways. Your membership fee is solidarity-based. If you have a big income and you would like to work regularly in our co-working space, you should consider paying a bit more. If you like our concept but do not want to, or are unable to participate actively, you can, of course, still become a member and support us with your contribution. We are also very happy about donations and can provide a donation receipt for the tax office, if needed.

How we are organized.

Except for every first week of the month (during this time our premises are reserved to the people who live here) it is possible to use our infrastructure (to visit us) from Thursdays to Sundays. In the first week of the month the club room is only available to the public during the opening hours of the Farm Café: So, on Sundays between 14.30h and 17.00h.

The association is organized in different working groups. You are welcome to join a working group regularly, to share your good ideas with group members, or, if you feel like it, we also invite you to participate in one particular event or project only.

Working group Farm Café

The working group Farm Café organizes and runs the Farm Café every Sunday between 14.30h and 17.00h. We invite everyone to visit us during Farm Café opening hours, it is not a members-only event. You are also welcome to take a shift or make a cake donation.

Working group events

The working group events regularly organizes and coordinates events like workshops, flea markets, Christmas markets, lectures and much more. You are very welcome to contribute your ideas or to organize an event yourself, to give a talk or to invite a speaker. At events with limited capacity, members of the association have priority on registration, however, apart from that, everyone can participate.

Working group public relations

The working group public relations is responsible for the association’s website and its marketing. This group designs flyers and leaflets for events, however necessary information and texts are always provided by the working group which is in charge of a particular event.

Working group garden

The working group garden takes care of the association’s Country Garden. It organizes the garden beds and makes sure that the garden is tidy.

Working group animals

The working group animals looks after the animals. This group organizes the daily animal feed and the mucking of the stable.

Working group finances

The working group finances keeps the cash book and at the members’ meetings it presents the financial report.

Working group organizational structure of the association

The working group organizational structure of the association is in touch with members and organizes the association’s day-to-day business. This group also manages the bookings and reservations for beds, the workshop, or the sauna.

Working group future

The working group future keeps an eye on objectives for the future. It acts as interface for all other working groups and checks, if plans or proposals comply with our aims and basic values. The working group future identifies which steps need to be taken in order to progress. It presents those steps either at meetings of the committee or at the members’ meetings. Necessary steps that have been identified are rather tackled by the working group future itself or by another working group that will be appointed by the working group future, if needed.

Working group Farm party

For the Farm party a new working group is built annually. This working group has to follow the guidelines for the working group structure. In this respect, documentation is highly important, especially with regard to future years.

Working groups as and when required for particular projects

Bigger projects and ideas which, for example, require more time and money than others or which require more space, have to be discussed with the co-living community members and the farm owner. In addition, those projects require approval by the members’ meeting. Every time when such a project is to be put into action, the working group which is concerned with this project needs to follow the guidelines for project structure. Outlining a concept, making a finance plan, calculating time effort and the man /woman power that will be needed is very important. You find the current version of the guidelines for project structure on our website in the log-in section, a printed copy of it is also available in the club room. Everyone (visitors and people who are not members, yet, too) is welcome to help an get involved to realize such a project.