Our co-living community

Our co-living community exists since the fall of 2015 and was initially only intended as a house share for four people. However, it quickly turned out that we are really the opposite of a house share for the sole purpose of saving costs. It became apparent that we want to spend a lot of time together, want to forge out plans and to realize ideas together: The development of a concept for a farm store, the maintenance and redesign of the garden (the construction of a greenhouse, the design of (raised) garden beds and growing tasty vegetables), running a small farm store, as well as organizing and hosting nice parties here at our farm are only a few projects which have emerged from our living together. In this process the wish to have enough space for more great people came up. After some extensions (a trailer in the garden, the integration of all rooms of the house into the co-living space) we also planned the conversion of an attached barn and realized this plan on our own. Very bright rooms, a huge kitchen, and enough bathrooms: The new apartment is really a little dream. Throughout one year we all got used to the size of our community. We improved the structure of our plenary sessions, restructured our decision-making processes, and established clear structures for project development. In a joint effort we also realized a huge variety of projects, such as the construction of a guesthouse and a sauna. Soon it became clear that this was still not enough for us and we enthusiastically started to prepare the founding of the association Farm project Arfrade (Hofprojekt Arfrade e.V.). This association was founded by some members of the co-living community and in the future voluntary work is supposed to be part of our life as a co-living community, as well. However, there are no obligations. Of course, we are already planning the next big and smaller projects because the association gives us the structure to get something bigger off the ground. We want to be a place where you cannot just simply live, but which goes far beyond this. Here, at our place you can grow with the community and thrive. We have the space, the resources, enough helping hands and accumulated know-how, a growing network of supporters and acquaintances, as well as enough drive and motivation to give more people the opportunity for personal, or even professional self-realization. With the help of the farm’s and the co-living community’s resources, as well as with a lot of active support from fellow housemates, the first among us have already started to work self-employed here, or are in the middle of the planning stage for doing so. In the beginning of 2021, a further house with stables, a big hall, and enough surrounding space was added. In order to be able to make the opportunities we have here accessible to even more people in the future, further extensions are planned. We are already very much looking forward to the exciting times still ahead of us.